Deadly Sin in Football

So Fox Soccer and TV Azteca have made one of the deadly sins in football. That is politics should NEVER ever, get involved in the game. Like with religion, politics should never be mixed with football, since it will only instigate violence. I was shocked to see that Fox soccer was using Donald Trump in their US vs. Mexico match broadcasting promotional ad. On the other hand, I wasn’t surprised with TV Azteca, after all they’re a major scum Mexican government propaganda machine. So it’s no surprised to see the ethics be completely ignore.

This is action clearly shows the current state of media outlets. Try to do just about anything for a positive television rating turnout. This is beyond disgusting.

Fox Soccer

TV Azteca


The fictitious Hollywood movie started showing in theaters this weekend. One benefit that this movie brings is that it shows the entire world, the horrific drug fueled violence taking place in Mexico for the last eight years, as if over 100,000 dead and 30,000 people missing weren’t enough for the rest of the world open their eyes, but I digress. The film Sicario setting is in Ciudad Juarez, giving more negative publicity this war-torn region. So it’s absolutely no surprise that the corrupt scum Mexican government is considering to sue the film makers for defamation.

Regarding the film itself, I really can’t comment about it because I haven’t seen it yet. However, if you really want to see a film about a real Sicario, then I’d suggest watching El Sicario Room 164. The documentary showcases organized crime influence and power, and complete interpenetration of corruption across all the levels of the Mexican government.

Rush Limbaugh has brain damage

If you take enough pills, you’ll eventually get brain damage. The discovery of water on Mars is certainly one of the greatest scientific findings in human history, yet he decides to open his mouth and try to downplay the finding by stupidly compare it to climate change. It’s disgusting how he tries to politicize this amazing discovery.

Black Lives Matter Bullshit Movement and it’s Ramifications

First off, all human lives matter. I’ve been fairly quiet about blogging of this absolute fraudulent George Soros funded Black Lives Matter movement, but this morning I came across a news report regarding an assault made to an elderly man in my home city of Santa Ana, CA that made my blood boil. The fact that the report said “Santa Ana Police does not have a good description of the attacker” infuriated me. The video clearly shows it was it was a black homeless person beating the elderly man. Now, why didn’t the news reporter mentioned this? I believe this is a result of the Black Lives Matters bullshit movement, were journalists are now scared to mentioned it was a black person that committed a crime because they don’t want to be falsely labeled as racist by the pro Black Lives Matter crowd.

At 1:30, the reporter blatantly mentioned that the elderly man’s daughter has seen the attacker before. So unless she is lying, the reporter absolutely knows it was a black person that committed the crime.

It’s mind boggling what type of society we’re living in, where journalist are scared to fully report news, simply because they don’t want to be accused of being racist.

UPDATE: The suspect has been capture by police, no word if the atrocious KTLA news report played any role helping with the arrest..

John McAfee 2016

From Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and now John McAfee. The mainstream media both left and right, must be licking their tits of enjoyment to see how much of a circus the presidential election is turning into. This is quite clear with both CNN and Fox setting record viewership ratings on the GOP presidential candidate debates they televised in their respective television networks.