Donald Trump is a cunt

Donald Trump is a cunt
Donald Trump is a cunt

So the 2016 presidential candidate race is literally turning into a circus. Personally, I can’t see why people see Donald Trump’s candidacy serious. After all the cunt, is practically just looking for publicity, and it was quite imminent when he took a piss on Mexico and all of Latin America.

Surely, the mainstream media loves the guy. Not because of his politics or beliefs, but rather as an entertainer, and the fact that they even consider Donald Trump to be a legitimate presidential candidate is beyond appalling. Case point, the following idiot on Fox News:

Donald Trump reminds a lot of Ann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza (another media loving cunts), they’re all completely irrelevant figures, attention whores, that the mainstream media loves.

Last Year In My 20s.

So it is the eve of my 29th birthday, and what has been a normal day, as I enjoy and will always enjoy being just like any other normal day. I’ve always utterly despised doing special activities on my birthday, ie cakes, gifts and all of that non-sense. Since in my point of view everyday should be treated and celebrated as equal and be joyful that we get to live in this world. This is quite clearer by the fact that no one in my immediate family and close friends have said “Happy Birthday” today. In fact, the only real interesting part about my birthday I see, is that I share the same birth day as the Olsen twins.

So what’s the future bringing us?
I’m fortunate to have a career were I can practically cherry-pick where I want to work, and make enough money where I can buy just about anything I would want (except for a house). Though, money and work is not the end-all and be-all. The key finding the balance between my work life and personal life, and enjoying every single moment of it. Professionally I enjoy working with Linux/UNIX servers and their related open source technologies, and personally just being alone, not being bothered, and have absolute no living person depend on me, giving me the freedom dictate my life as I choose, makes me happy.

Can only hope my 30s would continue to be as enjoyable as my 20s. Cheers for the next ten years and more.


USA Patriot Act

Thanks in large part to Rand Paul and Edward Snowden, portions of George W. Bush’s unconstitutional mass surveillance anti-freedom legislation, has expired. Although a small win, it is an important victory to stop government from continuing to run the country as a surveillance state. June 1, 2015 is a fantastic day for freedom, and Rand Paul is one of the few politicians that gives us hope in this country.


OpenBSD – Theo de Raadt

Interesting interview with OpenBSD founder Theo de Raddt. Theo opinions on mitigations, managing the OpenBSD project, it’s current challenges, and future. As well as full disclusure, breaking backwards compatibility, and 64-bit.

  • Behind OpenBSD, Windows comes in second with operating system exploit mitigations enabled.
  • FreeBSD doesn’t have any active auditing of their source tree.
  • Everyone uses OpenSSH, yet the project continues to flourish thanks to individual willing to volunteer, and not because of a major corporation sponsor.
  • OpenBSD’s entire ports tree already runs on 64-bit.